WANTED: DNA Secondary structure prediction software

Immune Response imnr at connectnet.com
Thu Oct 12 09:57:09 EST 1995

Hello out there!

I have cloned an viral DNA element, approximately 600bp in length, that 
reputedly yields a transcript chock full of secondary structure. Is there any 
software available out there that will help predict secondary structure in 
RNA? I have generated by hand a general drawing, but I would like some 
confirmation. Many of the long stretches of sense/antisense association 
regions that I predicted are made up of series of very short segments (~5bp) 
of associations, broken by a few bases on either strand.

Any help would be appreciated!

Jose E. N. Gonzales

p.s. Replies may be posted here or mailed directly to me at: JOSEGONZ at IMNR.COM

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