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Martin Pion mpion at ARTSCI.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Oct 9 12:06:07 EST 1995

Dear Mick,

I recently installed a larger HD into my accelerated Mac LCII and took the
opportunity to upgrade the system to 7.5 via a CD-ROM. After apparently
installing OK I experienced a serious problem - it quit unexpectedly when
using MSWord v5.1a, and subsequently my HD icon disappeared from the
desktop - but I eventually got it working again after a couple of days of
trying every software test that seemed relevant. I can't say exactly what
will work for you but here's a list of software tests & fixes, most of
which I had tried to cure my problem:

Tests & Fixes.

1. If you have anti-viral software running continuously, switch it off,
delete the original program from your hard disk and try reinstalling it.
The program may have got corrupted by the AV software during installation
or while it was running.

2. Reboot your machine holding down the shift key to disable all system
extensions (no icons should appear along the bottom of the main monitor).
Does the problem disappear? If it does then you will need to try and
identify which extension is causing the problem.

 3. Rebuild the desktop database by holding down Option-Command through out
startup. Rebuild desktop for every drive connected.

4. Try using Norton Utilities to verify that all your drives and respective
partitions are sound. Sometimes DiskFirst Aid [which is supplied on a
floppy disk called Disk Tools which comes with System 7.5, will find and
fix a problem that Norton [or Central Point] will miss. You must run
DiskFirst Aid from an external floppy to fix any problems found.

5. Update your driver, using the Apple HD SC Setup, which comes on the same
Disk Tools disk. Note: If this program can't find your internal hard drive
you must use the driver update software that came with your particular

6. Hold down Option-Command-P-R while booting your Mac. Note that the
machine will appear to boot twice. This resets the Parameter RAM and if
there was anything wrong with it, the problem should now be cured.

7. Finally, the thing which really worked to cure MY problem was removing
the MSWord Preferences document from the System Folder and trashing it!

[8. Not relevant to this problem:  Is the application causing problems
running in enough memory? Check from the Finder that it has its required
amount to run by starting it and check from About this Macintosh in the
Apple Menu that it has an adequate partition when the problem occurs. Do
not run any other applications other than the Finder.]

N.B.  I'm sending this to all on this newsgroup as a list you may find
useful when you run into a Mac problem.

Good luck!

Martin Pion, Biosoft, PO Box 10938, Ferguson, MO 63135.
Tel: 314 524 8029  Fax: 314 524 8129

Acknowledgement: This list is based on one originally compiled by Dr Philip
L. Taylor   <ptaylor at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk>author of GeneJockey and AssayZap, and
provided to me to help an end-user of GeneJockey cure a problem.

At 10:46 AM 10/4/95, Dr Mick Jones wrote:
>HELP (Please).
>I have on my desk a Mac Centris 650 with 8Mb RAM, etc. and yesterday I
>upgraded my system software to 7.5 (using a CD version of the software).
>Everything seemed to load and work as expected.
>However, when I insert a floppy disk into the drive NOTHING.  No floppy
>icon appears on the monitor screen.  Desktop doesn't recognise the
>drive.  If I use Norton Utilities to check the floppy disk, it
>eventually brings up the icon on screen, so that I can then access the
>files on the floppy as normal.  However, if I eject the disk and then
>insert another one, I get the same problem; it is not recognised.
>Any suggestions gratefully received.
>Also does anybody know of another newsgroup where help can be obtained
>Does anybody knoe of an Apple email address for technical support
>(preferably in the UK or Europe)?
>Many thanks.
>Please reply to mjones at rpms.ac.uk
>Mick Jones                      Tel: 081-740-3328 (+44-81-740-3328)
>Department of Virology          FAX: 081-743-8331 (+44-81-743-8331)
>RPMS,  Du Cane Road              Email: mjones at rpms.ac.uk
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