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Dr Mick Jones mjones at rpms.ac.uk
Wed Oct 4 05:46:16 EST 1995

HELP (Please).

I have on my desk a Mac Centris 650 with 8Mb RAM, etc. and yesterday I 
upgraded my system software to 7.5 (using a CD version of the software).  
Everything seemed to load and work as expected.

However, when I insert a floppy disk into the drive NOTHING.  No floppy 
icon appears on the monitor screen.  Desktop doesn't recognise the 
drive.  If I use Norton Utilities to check the floppy disk, it 
eventually brings up the icon on screen, so that I can then access the 
files on the floppy as normal.  However, if I eject the disk and then 
insert another one, I get the same problem; it is not recognised.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Also does anybody know of another newsgroup where help can be obtained

Does anybody knoe of an Apple email address for technical support 
(preferably in the UK or Europe)?

Many thanks.

Please reply to mjones at rpms.ac.uk


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