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Cary Nichols cnichols at dfw.net
Sat Oct 7 12:54:00 EST 1995

Announcing new software for writers from The Writer's Notebook:
(All are for Windows.)

	Story Developer Elite
	Story Developer Lite
	The Writer's Toolkit

Story Developer Elite comes on four installation diskettes.
It has a multi-document interface where the screens are available
with just a mouse- or key-press, or menu-selectable, or icons.
Screens include CharacterCards, PlotSummary, PlotCards, SceneCards,
StoryNotes, ThemeCards, Multi-AddressBooks, Multi-PhoneBooks,
Calendar, IdeaCards, AuthorsJournal, InterviewCards, ResourceCards,
SubmissionCards, Text Editor, etc. You can connect to the programs
of your own choice, and return back to SDE. You can arrange the
sheets (screens) by Cascade, Layer, TileVertical, or TileHorizontal.
Lots more options! Story Developer Elite is only $ 44.95 to internet
subscribers (compares to programs costing hundreds of dollars).

Story Developer Lite contains CharacterCards, PlotCards, SceneCards,
ThemeCards, SettingCards, StoryCards, InterviewCards, SubmissionCards,
IdeaCards, ResourceCards, AuthorsJournal, and NoteCards. Most screens
allow unlimited typing within the text-boxes. SDL is for those of
you who don't need the Multi-Adressbooks, Multi-phonebooks, or
Calendar, etc.  Story Developer Lite is only $34.95 to internet

The Writer's Toolkit consists of Character Generator, Story Generator,
and NoteCards. You can switch between the three with just a mouse-
or key-click. The Character Generator has button-tabs to the left
of the screens. Screens are for Physical Traits, Personal Beliefs,
Psychological Traits, Profession/Occupation, Family Background,
Relationships, Music/Literature/Art, Education, Geographical,
Experiences, Recreation, and Character Tags. The Story Generator
has button-tabs to the left of the screens. Screens are for Title,
Time Period, Locale, Description, Protagonist, Antagonist, Others,
Background, Beginning, Middle, Ending, and Details. Both the CG & SG
have unlimited-entry scrollable screens with text-boxes relating
to each. (e.g., the Physical Traits screen contains boxes for entry
of Age, Height, Weight, Eyes, Hair, IQ, Nationality, Skin Color,
Facial Details, Body, Posture, Scars, Voice, etc.)  The NoteCards
allow unlimited typing, and as many cards as you like (Creation date
is kept, so you can use the NoteCards as an Author's Journal, or
for any other purpose you like).
The Writer's Toolkit is only $ 34.95 to internet subscribers.

... OR GET ALL THREE FOR ONLY $ 59.95 !!! (internet subscribers only).
... or get any two for $ 49.95
(Magazine ads begin within the next couple of months with all
 three at higher prices.)

To order products from The Writer's Notebook, send check or money-order
made payable to Cary Nichols, to:
  Cary Nichols
  P.O. Box 20161
  Ft. Worth, TX  76102-8161

To download a presentation of SDE:
     or ftp:  dfw.net/pub/users/sde/sde.zip

Send e-mail to:  cnichols at dfw.net

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