WINDOWS compiler for DLLs

Tim Cutts Zoology tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Sat Oct 7 05:00:04 EST 1995

"Lorin Milescu" <LORIN at cbb.bth.ro> writes:

>   Hi !

>   There is anyone knowing about a compiler for WINDOWS
>to produce DLLs, from one of the following: C, Pascal, FORTRAN,
>Basic etc., FREEWARE, except gcc compiler ?
>    Thanks.

As far as I am aware there are *no* free or shareware compilers for
Windows.  A couple of BASIC interpreters but that's it.  You will need
to buy a commercial compiler.  Here are the ones I know of:

Language	Compiler	Windows95/WindowsNT	Windows 3.x
C		Visual C++ 2		Yes		    No
C		Visual C++ 1		No		    Yes
C		Borland C++		Yes		    Yes
C		Watcom C++		Yes		    Yes
C		Symantec C++		Don't know	    Yes
Pascal		Turbo Pascal for Win	No		    Yes
Pascal		Borland Pascal 7.0	No		    Yes
Pascal		Borland Delphi		Not yet		    Yes
FORTRAN		Microsoft Fortran	Don't know	    Yes
Basic		Visual Basic		Not sure	    Yes

Of these, the Borland compilers are the cheapest.  As far as I am
aware Visual Basic cannot create DLLs.  I used Turbo Pascal for
Windows for about three years and really liked it.  I currently use
the two Microsoft C++ compilers, which are both very good, especially
the 32bit NT/Windows 95 version.  The Borland C++ compilers are also
very good.  I haven't used the Watcom or Symantec products.  Watcom
has the advantage that in a single package you get all the compilers
for DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows NT, and OS/2.

If you only want to write stuff for 16 bit Windows, I would recommend
Borland C++ 3.x (very cheap these days because it's so old) or Turbo
Pascal for Windows (also very cheap because of its age).  Creation of
DLLs in TPW is trivially easy compared to doing it in C++.



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