porting SUN-gcg to Linux?

Chuck Abney 7;^} cabney at ucsd.edu
Wed Oct 4 21:29:04 EST 1995

Well, the text of the readme file indicates this is less than a full 
version, due to some features having VMS specific calls.  Also, it kinda 
sounds like a beta product.

Thanks for the encouragement...

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(1) Technical Note 

Thei  programs resemble the GCGEMBL programs similar to the ones distributed
in the 7.0 VMS Version of GCG unsupported.bck. There have been some enhance-
ments  made  by the authors Peter Rice (EMBL) and Rodrigo Lopez (Oslo). Some
programs are  omitted  due  to  VMS  specific  calls, and some have not been 
converted successfully yet. Rodrigo Lopez and Jack Leunissen (Nejmegen) have 
actively  contributed  to  the UNIX port done by Reinhard Doelz (Basel). The 
verified operating systems include

IRIX 4.0.1
IRIX 4.0.4
IRIX 4.0.5    
            3.10 compilers on IRIX 


SUN OS 4.1.2

(2) Installation of the software 

It i is assumed that you logged in as source code maintainer, and have execu-
ted  gcg and gcgsupport. Next, go to a free disk and issue the following com-
mands. The egcg programs use about 20 mbyte of disk space in their final con-
figuration. To build the programs, a space of 60 MBytes is recommedend. 

If you don't already have the egcg tree (Look in $GCGCOREROOT/gcgunsupportd), 
unpack the files with 

% uncompress egcg.tar.Z
% tar -xvof egcg.tar 

Next, go to the sysscript directory 

% cd egcg/egcgcore/sysscript

and make the makefile with the corresponding toXXX command for XXX = 
ultrix, irix, sun. E.g., if you used a Silicon Graphics, do a 

% toirix Makefile.generic > makefile 

[NOTE: If you are running SUN OS 4.1.2 or IRIX 4.0.4 please read the makefile 
and edit it accordingly to reflect the necessary changes.]

and build the startup file 

% make startup

Then, source it 

% source ../../egcgstartup

and  make  the   documentation (Which assumes that you use lpr on a Postscript 
printer.If you don't you need to edit the file make_source.csh and replace the 
lpr command with the suitable one, e.g. lpr -Ppost if 'post' is your printer). 

% source make_source.csh 

Next, build the package 

% make all 

and after having tested it, clean up the directory with 

% make clean 

(3) Configuration 

In order to make all users run the software, insert the line 

source <your path>/egcg/egcgstartup

into your gcg aliasing script. The on-line documentation will be accessible  in 
the command 


and the programs ara all callable by name. 

(4) Changes with the next release

The port contains still some VMS remainers such as mixed-case filenames  and  $
characters.These are hard to track and any hint on its presence is appreciated.
All  suggestions,  and  hints   on    oddities of UNIX implementation, are most 
welcome if sent to the authors or embnet at comp.bioz.unibas.ch. Thanks. 

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