Application to do simple pedigree diagrams

john haynie haynie at uno.cc.geneseo.edu
Wed Oct 4 16:19:44 EST 1995

I recently found myself in need of some pedigree diagrams in gif format 
for teaching purposes (see 
ia.html for an example).  I was able to make a bunch of symbols using a 
drawing program and then copy and attach the symbols to make the actual 
pedigrees.  What a pain that was for even slightly complex pedigrees!

Can anyone suggest a way to simplify this process.  My needs are minimal 
so some megabucks commercial application is out of the question.  I 
searched the Oakland virtual software library and surprisingly found 
nothing on pedigree.  Is there a freeware or shareware ap that will do a 
little pedigree drawing given some data file or point and click 
instructions?  Perhaps something that plugs into one of the standard 
drawing programs.

I have access to PowerMac with the popular drawing programs as well as 
UNIX (SunOS 4.1.3).  Could do it with PC if that's the only choice.

Any suggestions appreciated.  If interested, I'll post a summary of 


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