Extract data from CANTAX program?

Darrell Bigelow supertek at igs.net
Wed Oct 4 16:14:09 EST 1995

Hello out there...

	I'm an independent computer consultant, and am the owner of a 
small business called Supertek Computer Services.

	Recently, I was hired under contract by a client, that wishes to 
extract data from a CANTAX program and merge the data for approximately 
100 clients (15 fields for each client), into a form letter, that can be 
sent out to each of them.

	Does anyone know any company (or otherwise) that might have a 
program that can do this?  Of course we are willing to pay the $$$ needed 
for a such a program.  If not, might you suggest perhaps methods of being 
able to do this without a lot of time consuming "cutting" and "pasting"?

	I have been in touch with SOFTKEY, the makers of the CANTAX 
program.  They have informed me that they have DISCONTINUED the product, 
and neither sell it anymore, or have any technical support for the 

Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated.


Darrell Bigelow

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