porting SUN-gcg to Linux?

Chuck Abney 7;^} cabney at sdcc14.ucsd.edu
Wed Oct 4 02:42:33 EST 1995

Is anyone familiar enough with gcc and SUN/Linux code rules to tell
me if such a thing is feasible?  Wouldn't it be cool to run gcg on
your home computer?  Is it just a matter of changing the directory
references in the Makefile, or must the #ifdef lines in the source
also be changed??  Mistakes?...sorry for my ignorance.  I'm a
biologist Jim, not a programmer!

For all you who speak with numbers, gcg (Genetics Computer Group) is
a collection of tools for manipulating DNA sequences.  It has been
recently ported to the UNIX platform and given a pretty (Tcl) face.

Philanthropists and Linux lovers please correspond at
cabney at ucsd.edu.

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