Strain Database Software

Marty Lee mlee at darwin.genetics.washington.edu
Tue Oct 3 19:47:48 EST 1995


    I'm writing from a lab specializing in streptococcus pathogenesis, 
and we have been freezing away wild type isolates, various mutants, 
transformants, etc for some time.  We would like to keep track of these 
strains using either the Sun machines, (Unix), or on our Macs.  We have 
looked into using dBase under Unix, but after getting into the nitty 
gritty it appears that dBase is quite a bog.  I've previously used 
Filemaker Pro.  That was easy but has all the limitations of a flat file 

    Does anybody know of a good strain database system?  

    Please e-mail me (at the following address) and I will post the 
results in a weeks time.  Thanks much,

 Marty Lee
 mlee at sol.chmc.org                (or)
 mlee at genetics.washington.edu

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