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Les Loew les
Mon Oct 2 08:13:24 EST 1995

The Center for Biomedical Imaging Technology has available a number of SGI
software applications that have been developed for use with our Zeiss and
Biorad confocal microscopes as well as a number of digtal imaging widefield
systems. We felt that these may be of use to others and are now making them
available via anonymous ftp. They include:

RatioView: a simple image analysis package that is especially convenient for
calcium, pH, or membrane potential distribution in single cells by dual
wavelength ratio imaging. A tutorial is included in our web site.

CBITRender: a 3D visualization environment including a raytracer. Both single
processor and distributed multiprocessor (running under LINDA) versions are

Imgview3D: utilities for creating and visualizing 3D datasets with the SGI
Imagevision library.

BioRad Library: an extension to the ImageVision Library permitting it to
automatically read the BioRad .pic fileformat.

The software can all be found on the web at  http://panda.uchc.edu/htbit/  and
following the thread under "Imaging Research and Development". While you are
there, please learn about the other activities at CBIT.

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