Sequence Editors and genetic Distance Calculators

Adam Liedloff a.liedloff at qut.edu.au
Sun Oct 1 21:36:41 EST 1995

Hi all,

Recently we were asked to develop a user friendly (Windows based) program 
to manipulate nucleotide sequences and calculate genetic distance 
measures, such as Nst and Gst.

Our project has grown and we are now looking at developing the program 
further. We are going to include Fst and Nei's genetic distance as well 
as base frequencies, transition/transversion ratios, amino acid sequence 
and longest repeated sub-sequence analysis. My question is therefore does 
anyone have any suggestions for other procedures which would be useful in 
such a program. We are especially interseted in graphical data display 
and the methods most commonly used.

Any input would be appreciated, please email p.mayes at qut.edu.au



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