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Mon Oct 2 14:15:17 EST 1995

Let's say you have 50 numeric values in column A starting from row 1 and 
ending in row 50 (A1 to A50) of an Excel spreadsheet, and you want to 
multiply all with a constant factor (say 100).  Go to a new column (let's 
say column B), and in row B1, type the following :
It is very important that you start with an "=" sign.  Hit the "return" key 
once.  Then, go back and click into cell B1, keep the "shift" key pressed, and 
click into the cell - B50.  This should select all the cells from B1 to B50.  Go
to the "Edit" menu, and select "fill down"  (on a Mac, you can do this by 
pressing "command D".  AND THERE YOU GO !  All the values in cells A1 to A50 
will be multiplied by 100, and the results will be entered into cells B1 to B50.
 I hope, this helps.  Let me know if you need any more help.  Good luck.

Rajendra V. Deshpande, Ph.D.
Molecular Biology Research
The Upjohn Company
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
e-mail : RVDESHP0 at pwinet.upj.com
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Subject: [Q]-EXCELL-how to...
Author:  Ivo Wiesner <nfix at jcu.cz> at INTERNET
Date:    9/29/95 7:11 PM

Hello Netters out there!

need your kind help in:

how to multiply all figures at once by a factor (let say *100) within a 
spreadsheet in Excell ver.4.0???

I have already no idea how to get it work....

ThanX much in adv. for reply.

Ivo Wiesner

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