Looking for Primer generation software.

Patricia Rodriguez-Tome tome at EMBL-EBI.ac.uk
Wed Nov 29 05:32:42 EST 1995

Here are some entries from the Biocatalog  - Unix soft only:

AC             BC00155
NAME           OSP
DOMAIN         Oligomer design and synthesis
AUTHOR         LaDeana Hillier
RA             Hillier L,  Green P.;
RT             "OSP: A computer program for choosing PCR
RT             and DNA sequencing primers.";
RL             PCR Methods and Applications 1:124-128(1991).
RX             Medline; 93113324.
RX             SeqAnalRef; HILL9101.
ADDRESS        Washington University Medical School
ADDRESS        Department of Genetics, Box 8232, 4566 Scott,
ADDRESS        St. Louis, MO  63110 USA.
CONTACT        LaDeana Hillier lfw at elegans.wustl.edu

AC             BC00159
NAME           PRIMER - Stanford
DOMAIN         Oligomer design and synthesis
AUTHOR         Don Faulkner
SITE           ftp anonymous jmullins.stanford.edu
SITE           Directory /pub

(name given to differenciate from the MIT Primer prog)

More information at : http://www.ebi.ac.uk/biocat


In article <49g3mj$b1p at gazette.bcm.tmc.edu>, lovitt at bcm.tmc.edu (Corey
A. Lovitt) writes:
>I'm interested in tracking down unix-based software for isolating
>primer sites from a given sequence.  I've thus far been able to find 
>'Primer v.2.2' by Richard Resnick at The Whitehead Institute/MIT
>for Genome Research and GCG's 'PRIME' tool.  If anyone knows of 
>additional software publically available - I'd really appreciate an FTP
>>site reference.
>Thanks very much and Cheers,
>Corey Lovitt	    Informatics Core, Human Genome Centre  "I thought
>lovitt at bcm.tmc.edu  Baylor College of Medicine		    was hot in
>(713) 798-3735      1 Baylor Plaza
>fax:  798-5386      Houston, TX 77030

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