Graduate Schools with Computer-Biology Programs?

Benjamin Y. Lee bylee at phoenix.princeton.edu
Tue Nov 28 22:20:06 EST 1995

Hi, I hope these groups are the right place to post this sort of

I'm presently an molecular biology undergrad in my senior year here at 
Princeton trying to determine which graduate schools offer programs in 
computer-biology.  I'm presently doing my senior thesis on misexpresion 
of a novel gene in the drosophila eye imaginal disc, but I've been taking 
computer courses for fun and would like to change my area of focus 
towards that direction in graduate school.  

So I was wondering if anyone could give me some input on what schools 
to look into since application deadlines are coming up real soon now...  

Thanks in advance.

                                                -Benjamin Y. Lee

As an aside, though I work in a "fly lab," I don't happen to work for 
Prof Wieschaus.  I did have the opportunity to attend the press conference
held on campus though which was quite exciting.  8-)

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