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>: >Dear colleagues,
>: >is there any programm available for the generation of restriction sites in
>: >a given nucleotide sequence? I have to introduce several restriction sites
>: >in a nucleotide sequence by changing the codon usage without altering 
>: >the amino acid sequence. Introducing these sites by hand is a very tediuos 
>: >work. So, I would like to know if someone knows a computer program doing 
>: >this work.
>: If you have access to GCG, the mapping programs have a "/silent" option 
>: (-silent on Unix) which will do exactly that, find silent restriction 
>Didn't realize that GCG has this function; I was looking for the same thing. 
>The program 'mutsite' is part of the pc-gene software suite and does 
>precisely this.

There is even better on PC: the program silmut from ftp.bio.indiana.edu. It 
does a really good job, is fast and more reliable than map/silent which 
sometimes is a bit confused...

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