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Pedro candau at cica.es
Tue Nov 28 11:11:08 EST 1995

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Dear netters, 
Does any of you know of any public domain program capable of translating 
the data files produced by a Cary 1E spectrophotometer into anything readable
 by Lotus 123, Excel or a wordprocessor? I am trying to edit those files but 
it seems that the filing utility of the spectrophotometer is unable to provide 
file formats other than its own.
Please mail your answers to me directly, since I do not follow this newsgroup 
usually. Thank you very much for your help.
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Dr. Pedro Candau
Departamento de Bioquimica Vegetal y Biologia Molecular
Universidad de Sevilla
Apdo. 1095, E-41080 Sevilla, Spain
e-mail Candau at CICA.Es
Tel.   34-5-4557082
Fax    34-5-4620154

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