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A. John Watson (watson_j at bms.com) wrote:
> In article <1995Nov9.102155 at malins.mala.bc.ca>, howesan at mala.bc.ca wrote:

> > How can I get a copy of the Blast sequence comparison program?   I would like
> > to set up my own data base any compare the sequences in this data base only. 
> > Any suggestions about what data base would be of great help as well. 
> Thanks in
> > advance.      Andrew

> You can create a database in GCG for BLAST to search using the TOBLAST
> command (to create the database) and then BLASTing with the full path
> specification of your database.

It is not necessary to use GCG.  BLAST is available by anonymous ftp
from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov in the blast directory.  Read the readme to
check what you actually need to retrieve.

Then: make your sequences into a file in FASTA format and process with
the BLAST utility setdb/pressdb (for peptide/protein).  Then specify
the blast library so created for the search, using the appropriate
form of BLAST (blastn, blastp...).

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