Protein Evolution BioMOO Conference by W. Pearson

Francisco M. De La Vega fvega at gene.cinvestav.mx
Tue Nov 21 17:53:31 EST 1995

The VSNS BioComputing Division Invites to the BioMOO Conference:
        "Protein Evolution - How far back can we see?"
        given by
        Dr. William R. Pearson
        Dept. of Biochemistry
        University of Virginia.
The discussion is to be held electronically, in the BCD Biocomputing
Classroom at BioMOO, on December 5, 1995, 14:00 h GMT.
An admission ticket will be required as explained below.
The discussion will be recorded, and a transcript will be
made available on the WWW and announced via Bionet.
Dr. Pearson will describe recent improvements in the FASTA
package of sequence comparison programs and then discuss
some strategies for exploring very distant evolutionary

Participants are encouraged to ask questions to Dr. Pearson
about all aspects of protein sequence comparison and database
searching in general.
It is necessary that we know how many people will attend the event.   
Hence, we would like you to subscribe to a mailing list and participate 
in a 30-minute "Introduction to Electronic Conferencing" tutorial. 
We will announce the time and date of the 30-minute MOO Practice 
Session to the mailing list on Nov. 28; every participant who does 
not receive a personal invitation will receive an entry ticket during 
the Practice Session. Last-minute entry on December 5 will unfortunately 
not be possible. 
You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending a message to
majordomo at hrz.uni-bielefeld.de, with no subject, and the following
message body: subscribe vsns-bcd-events
(You will be sent instructions about how you can unsubscribe
after December 5, 1995 or at any other time).
Host: Francisco M. De La Vega, Dept. of Genetics and Molecular 
Biology, CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico City.
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