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Chris Gauthier cgauth at fred.net
Sun Nov 19 21:29:12 EST 1995

Thornbrook Software programs are designed for individuals interested in 
science, including AP high school students, and college science majors.  
Each lesson is a self contained unit which can be assigned to the student 
without teacher supervision, since the programs are designed for easy 
use, and  the student is guided through each section.  Throughout each 
program the student is challenged with short quizzes, and then with a 
comprehensive final exam.  Some programs provide simulated experiments 
featuring actual data-gathering and analysis as well as animations. All 
utilize simple user interfaces to convey high-quality scientific content.

Current titles are:

Muscle Physiology
Kidney Physiology
Exercise Physiology
A Study of Ionizations I: Weak Acids
A Study of Ionizations II: Amino Acids
A Study of Ionizations III: Buffers
A Study of Genetics I: Introduction

All programs are sold with site licenses. They may be installed to any 
number of computers at the purchasing institution.

All programs are designed to run on the Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 

For more information, visit our site on the World Wide Web at: 
or download our interactive catalog from:
Any other questions or comments may be sent via email to:
	cgauth at fred.net

Thank you for your consideration!

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