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Mon Nov 20 02:21:37 EST 1995

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> What kind of Mac software is available for importing images via a CCD 
> camera?  Does NIH Image software do this?
Yes, provided that the frame grabber supplier gives you a
photoshop-compatible aquisition plug-in. If you grab 24 bit colour, you
have to process image planes one by one, each for R,G and B. If you have
one of the frame grabbers that is supported by NIH-Image directly, you
don't even need a plug-in.

> What kind of "add-ons" to a Mac must be made in order to allow processing 
> of the image and saving into a file?.....or is this strictly a function 
> of the software?
You program in NIH-Image Pascal macro language and you can access a few
brands of frame grabbers directly, whereas most photoshop-compatible
plugins work as well. It could be as simple as

macro ('grab an image')
  StartCapturing; {The frame grabber starts recording}
  Acquire; {now an image has been recorded}
  SaveAs;{A dialog will come up}

and ther you are. Without macro, ofcourse, you can grab images just as well. 

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