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Joel Bellenson joelb at panbio.com
Sat Nov 18 23:47:38 EST 1995

	Pangea Systems is a leading bioinformatics and client-server database 
development company which focuses on the bio/pharmaceutical industry 
mainly in the San Francisco Bay area but also soon in San Diego and 

	An example of the type of work that we do is the Incyte 
Pharmaceuticals' LifeSeq database which is one of the largest 
proprietary repositories of tissue- and disease- specific cDNA sequences 
and annotations in the world. 

	 A publically available example of our work is GanglioSyb, the World 
Wide Carbohydrate Database.  This is, in part, a relational version of 
NCBI's CarbBank, which is rapidly evolving complex search capabilites 
and public annotations.        

	We're in the midst of a rapid expansion and are calling on biologists, 
chemists, industrial engineers, computer scientists who are capable of 
applying computer programming and system integration to biological 
problems to join us.  We're especially interested in individuals with 
extensive experience with DNA and Protein Sequence analysis 

	Valued computer languages, programs and environments include:
-NCBI ToolKit
-DNA/Protein Seq. Analysis

	We're a small company < 20 people but growing very rapidly .  We offer 
an exciting opportunity to be in at the "ground floor" of what we think 
will be the major consulting house for the biotech industry for years to 

Pangea offers an attractive work environment, salary and benefits:  
- $60,000 - 90,000  (Depending On Experience and Position)
- Health
- 401k
- Employee Stock Options
- Bonuses.        

	Pangea is proud that its members come from all over the world.      

	Are you ever out visiting in California?           
	Let's arrange a time when it would be convenient to talk further on the 

	Visit our WebSite at:   http://www.panbio.com

Mail Address is:
Pangea Systems Inc.
1301 Marina Village Pkwy., Suite 310
Alameda, CA  94501
United States

Phone:     (510) 337-7910
FAX:       (510) 522-9394
email:     hr at panbio.com
WebSite:   www.panbio.com

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