Image Analysis with Mac

John J Weiland jweiland at badlands.NoDak.edu
Fri Nov 17 16:10:09 EST 1995


So it seems that Edmund Scientific among others sells those CCD cameras 
(Sony) in both color and black-and-white.  A set-up with a camera and a 
stand would run for well under $2000.00. Our applications would be 
two-fold; for photgraphing and processing DNA/agarose gels with a UV 
transilluminator, and for taking color photos of diseased plants for 
further manipulation.   My questions:---

What kind of Mac software is available for importing images via a CCD 
camera?  Does NIH Image software do this?

What kind of "add-ons" to a Mac must be made in order to allow processing 
of the image and saving into a file?.....or is this strictly a function 
of the software?

Thanks for any help!!

John	jweiland at badlands.nodak.edu

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