Reference values: RefVal program

Helge Erik Solberg h.e.solberg at rh.uio.no
Thu Nov 16 03:40:21 EST 1995

RefVal is a computer program that implements the statistical
treatment of reference values as recommended by the International
Federation of Clinical Chemistry. Reference limits (percentiles,
fractiles) and their confidence intervals are determined both by
non-parametric (rank-based) and parametric (transformation-based)
methods. A new bootstrap estimation method has recently been
added. The program was first released in 1983 and has since then
undergone several revisions. Currently two versions are available:
(1) a library of FORTRAN functions and subprograms and (2) a
stand-alone program (Pascal) running on a standard DOS-based
personal computer. The program has been used by a great number of
scientists around the world, and it has been reference in many
scientific publications. Availability: h.e.solberg at labmed.uio.no.

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