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Matthew Vona mvona at neuro.gu.se
Mon Nov 13 10:57:07 EST 1995

Hello  There!

You stated you do biocomputing.  I'm interested in creating a
simulator program/model which predicts the possible effectiveness of a
new cancer therapy we're considering at experimental neurooncology @
Gothenburg.  I could definitely give you co-authorship (min.
secondary).  If you're interested email me at mvona at neuro.gu.se

Patrick R. Jones <102570.2734 at CompuServe.COM> wrote:

>I am a biology undergraduate biology student and I am looking for 
>a project to work on.  I am not going to school winter quarter ( 
>out of money, you know ) and I need something to keep my brain 
>tuned into biology.  I can’t take an internship or something like 
>a internship because I have a family and a job; the job has 
>nothing to do with biology.  I would like to help someone or group 
>do something.  I am interested in biochemistry, DNA sequencing, 
>biocomputing, etc.  I would do work on a project for no charge.  
>In return the work has to be the kind on which a paper could be 
>written and I would like to be a co-author.  In other words I help 
>you with some research and you help me with my career.  Unless you 
>are in the Salt Lake City, Utah area this work should be something 
>that can be done over the Internet or phone. Going to another 
>location, unless your willing to pay, is not an option ( remember 
>I am poor ). Please respond by e-mail; my address is 
>102570.2734 at CompuServe.COM. I would have posted my resume, but the 
>software I am using won't let me.

>Thank you for your time
>Patrick R. Jones

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