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human human at species.org
Thu Nov 9 01:59:00 EST 1995

jmay at pluggers.esu8.k12.ne.us (Justin C. May) wrote:
>:What is so great about playing a game that glorifies destuction, terror, 
>hell,etc.  I have enough trouble dealing with the world we already have!

We like it. We are human (well, I am). It is truly glorious to defeat the enemies, as anyone 
who has ever competed in a sport will tell you. It is even more glorious to actually kill 
someone and get away with it.

The point of DOOM et al, is not to teach people how to kill (its unrealistic) nor that 
killing is fun (everyone knows that), but to give people an *alternative* to actually doing 
it. I play at work and I love 'killing' my colleagues, but none of us harbour *any* ill 
feelings toward each other, even if someone is 'being cheap' :) Do I want to kill them? GET 

Any game where the player learns that strategy is more important than instinct is good for 
you. DOOM, Dark Forces, TohShinDen, Mortal Kombat (really!) all require the players to rise 
above their animal-selves to win. Any kid can tell you this. This is a good thing. 'Adults' 
need to listen a bit more.

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