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Patrick R. Jones 102570.2734 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Nov 7 14:13:41 EST 1995

I am a biology undergraduate biology student and I am looking for 
a project to work on.  I am not going to school winter quarter ( 
out of money, you know ) and I need something to keep my brain 
tuned into biology.  I can’t take an internship or something like 
a internship because I have a family and a job; the job has 
nothing to do with biology.  I would like to help someone or group 
do something.  I am interested in biochemistry, DNA sequencing, 
biocomputing, etc.  I would do work on a project for no charge.  
In return the work has to be the kind on which a paper could be 
written and I would like to be a co-author.  In other words I help 
you with some research and you help me with my career.  Unless you 
are in the Salt Lake City, Utah area this work should be something 
that can be done over the Internet or phone. Going to another 
location, unless your willing to pay, is not an option ( remember 
I am poor ). Please respond by e-mail; my address is 
102570.2734 at CompuServe.COM

Thank you for your time.
Patrick R. Jones

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