bioTkperl software now available (beta)

Gregg Helt gregg at fruitfly.berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 3 19:23:23 EST 1995

A beta release of bioTkperl is now available for distribution.  This is 
a port of David Searls' bioTk Tcl/Tk widgets to Tk/Perl, with some 
enhancements.  Not all of the components have been ported yet, but the 
ones that have are pretty stable.

What is bioTk?

  From the bioTk home page (http://www.cbil.upenn.edu/~dsearls/bioTk.html):

  "bioTk is a library of widgets and utilities designed to support the 
  creation of graphical user interfaces in the domain of computational 
  biology and genome informatics. The overarching philosophy behind
  bioTk is componentry: that is, the creation of adaptable, reusable 
  software, deployed in modules that are easily incorporated in a 
  variety of applications, and in such a way as to promote interaction
  between those applications."

  The original implementation of bioTk was in Tcl, and is now at 
  release 1.3.  A new release is being worked on.  See the above URL 
  for details.

What is bioTkperl?

  bioTkperl is a port of the bioTk widgets/components to Tk/Perl, along 
  with some enhancements.  Also, the bioTk components have been 
  reimplemented as Perl classes, so most procedures from the Tcl version 
  have been replaced with method calls on objects.  However, particular 
  care was taken to keep the bioTk API compatible between the Tcl and Perl 

  The current version is bioTkperl0.8, which includes a full Tk/Perl 
  implementation of the bioTk Sequence widget (for displaying DNA 
  sequences), and an almost complete implementation of the bioTk Map 
  widget (for displaying genomic maps), along with some added features.  
  It requires perl version 5.001m or higher and the Tk/Perl extension 
  version b6 or higher (if you only have access to an earlier version 
  of Tk/Perl, see the README for needed modifications).

Where can you download bioTkperl?

  Via anonymous ftp from fruitfly.berkeley.edu, in 


How about documentation and demos?

  The Tcl version of bioTk includes extensive documentation, which applies 
  equally to the Perl version (the parts that have been ported), except for 
  differences noted in the README.  The latest Tcl version can be found via 
  anonymous ftp at cbil.humgen.upenn.edu, under /pub/bioTk.tar.Z.  

  Ports of several tutorials/demos from the Tcl version (bioTk1.3) are 
  included in the distribution.  The best way to get a feel for the 
  differences in using the Perl version is to look through the tutorial 
  demos, and compare them to sequence.tut and map.tut in the Tcl version.

  In addition I have included a demo version of an application I have been 
  working on called AnnotP1.  This has served both as a testbed for 
  bioTkperl and as a useful lab tool for analysis of P1 clones being 
  sequenced here at the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Center.

  Please feel free to send me comments, bug reports, etc.

						Gregg Helt
						gregg at fruitfly.berkeley.edu

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