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David Tak Yan Yu <dtyyu at ucla.edu> wrote:
>I wish to use the NIH-Image to measure density of SDS-PAGE bands.
>However, that program is for Mac.  How can I use it in my own PC with 


first off, i have zero to do with this company.  i am simply a VERY
satisfied customer and wish to see them succeed. 

you should try out a program called Executor.  this is a Macintosh
emulator that runs under DOS, Linux, and NextStep.  it is pretty nice
and runs NIH Image quite well.

although this is a commercial program, you can obtain a demo copy via
anonymous ftp or the WWW at a couple of locations.  the demo will run
for 10 minutes as a fully functional program at which point it exits.
this is sufficient time for you to decide if you think it will be
useful for you at which point you can license it from ARDI.
currently, it is fairly inexpensive to license executor, but they will
be going to press with a CD soon and the price will go up
considerably.  if i were you, i'd check it out quickly...

this site is very slow, only connected via a 28.8 K modem


vorlon is pretty fast...


currently, the most up to date version of executor is 1.99p5.
YOU MUST INSTALL 1.99p first before installing p5!!!

you can find this here;


additionally, an HFV file containing NIH image can be obtained from
this site;


i have been using it on my linux computer for some time now and i have
to say it's pretty damn cool.  there's no other Mac emulator

- -pjf

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