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>I have a library of chemical MOL files which I would like to convert to 
>graphics which I could easily import into a PC-based word-processor (BMP
>is easiest).  Can anyone point me to some software that does this 
>mode please - I have hundreds of files!)
>Thanks in advance..
>kbrady at ultranet.com

Chemistry 4-D Draw can do exactly what you want to do.  There is a
special version that allows you to type "*.mol" as input files and 
the program will read all of the specified files and convert them 
into Metafiles or bitmap files.

Chemistry 4-D Draw is a new drawing program which understands IUPAC
nomenclature rules. It allows you to create high-quality structures 
simply by entering molecular names. It includes a full set of 
intelligent tools for drawing, text and structure editing, and labeling.
Features include:
* Create/Edit structures in 2D, 3D or 4D (Name space) 
* Import/Export MDL MOL files
* Export publication quality graphics using OLE-2 technologies 
* Save fragments with your own "trivial names"

Chemistry 4-D Draw is available on ALL major PC platforms:
Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Macintosh, OS/2

For more information, please see
or contact ChemInnovation Software at
Tel (619)566-2846 Fax (619)566-4138 E-mail: cis at cheminnovation.com

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