Refman vs Endnote

sfletche at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU sfletche at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU
Tue May 30 02:36:08 EST 1995

> >For you diehard Windows users, I got the latest newsletter and they saw that 
> >the Windows version is in the last phase of testing.  They don't give a 
> >release date, but say that upgrades will be $49 + shipping for users of the 
> >DOS version and suggested list price of the new version $299. 
> Alternatively Refs and WinRefer together will give you almost the same
> functionality and cost you only $47.99 or 29.99 UKP.  These packages
> are both available for ftp from:
> ftp://cyclin.zoo.cam.ac.uk/pub/refs/refs772.zip
> ftp://cyclin.zoo.cam.ac.uk/pub/refs/extra/wr30.zip
> There is a WWW page with screen shots of Refs so you don't even have
> to try it out to see what the interface is like:
> http://cyclin.zoo.cam.ac.uk/refs/refs.html
> Refs is available in four languages:  English, German, Spanish and
> Japanese.
> Regards,
> Tim.
Yes I am a die hard windows user. I almost decided to bugger the stuffing 
around, and just get endnote today, as people have given the best response 
regarding this product, but I found out it wasn't windows. I stood at the 
counter, money in hand, saying "NOT WINDOWS?????...NO WINDOWS VERSION??????" and 
the guy said, "You like Windoze?"... "YEAH!!!".... "Yeah, I guess it's more user 
friendly than dos".... then I was about to start up a discussion on the 
advantages of multitasking but thought, bugger it. Basically Refs seems great.

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