Simple text editor for mac wanted.

Howard Cash howardc at genecodes.com
Wed May 31 10:05:21 EST 1995

(Dave Johnston) <daj at mailserver.nhm.ac.uk> wrote:
>I am looking for a basic (freeware) text editor for the Mac with cut, copy, 
>paste, find, exchange etc type functions but it must be (a) 100% 
>reliable) and (b) capable of handling very big data files (too large for 

Not free, but nearly so, "Write Now" is probably your best bet.  The 
current MacWarehouse lists it at $49.  Very compact, very full-featured
and fast.  My understanding (unofficial) is that the program will not
migrate to PowerPC native code, but who really cares?

Also in MacWarehouse, there is a bundled special that includes "Write 
Now," "Correct grammar," "Correct Quotes" and a good online reference with 
the American Heritage Dictionary & Dictonary of Cultural Literacy.  The
whole bundle is about 80 bucks.

I'm not connected MacWarehouse or any of the software vendors.  I've
used "Write Now" and have been impressed, though we use Word at my office
for most of our work.

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