The human nervous system - learn about it

J. A. Kiernan jkiernan at julian.uwo.ca
Mon May 29 14:38:19 EST 1995

This free tutorial program may interest you if you want to
learn about the human nervous system.

  NEUROTUT.EXE is a self-extracting archive that
  installs the program files. About 585 kB of
  hard disk space are needed, or it could be
  run from a 3.5" floppy.

  NRO  Human Neuroscience Tutorial, Version 1.05
   (May 1994).  When installed, it provides eight
   introductory Neuroanatomy tutorials and (as a
   ninth "tutorial") over 300 revision questions
   that cover the whole of Human Neuroscience.
   The questions can also be run separately
   with NQI.EXE, from the DOS prompt.
     A color monitor is very desirable but not
   essential. By John A. Kiernan, Department of
   Anatomy, The University of Western Ontario,
   London, Canada.

 NEUROTUT is available by anonymous FTP from various
    medical/science FTP sites, including the following.
    Don't forget to type "binary" before downloading!

        dean.med.uth.tmc.edu   MSDOS/neurotut.exe

        ftp.uci.edu  med-ed/msdos/education/neurotut.exe

        ftp.monash.edu.au   pub/medical/neuritut.exe
                                              (note spelling!)
        skynet.ul.ie   pub/science/biology/neurotut.exe

   The program is also available from:  Knowledge Transfer BBS,
                                        P.O. Box 11282,
                                        Spring, Texas 77391-1282
                                          Sysop : Bob Wight
                                          (713) 370-5804
                                          24hrs  14,400 N81
                                           FAX/Voice (713) 251-7517

   If you try NEUROTUT please let me know what you think of it.

                                     John A. Kiernan
                                     Department of Anatomy
                                     Univ. of Western Ontario
                                     LONDON, Canada  N6A 5C1
                                     e-mail: jkiernan at julian.uwo.ca

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