TopPred II 1.2, a new update

Manuel .G CLAROS claros at biologie.ens.fr
Tue May 30 12:50:26 EST 1995

A new release of the TopPred software is now available from the following
servers (and of course, all the corresponding mirrors):

ENS:         ftp.ens.fr/pub/molbio
EMBL:        ftp.ebi.ac.uk/pub/software/mac
Stanford:    sumex-aim.stanford.edu/info-mac/sci
Indiana:     ftp.bio.indiana.edu/molbio/mac or /incoming

The essentials of this update are:

Application      TopPred II
Version          1.2
Update           May 1995
Authors          M.G. Claros and G. von Heijne
Description      Prediction of transmembrane segments in integral
                   membrane proteins, and the putative topologies, using
                   several algorithms
Literature       CABIOS 10(6), 685-686 (1994)

Notes       1- TopPred II is available as a "compatible" application, or as
               a "rapid" one. The rapid one needs 68020 processor, or later,
               and FPU.
            2- A postcript file containing the orignal paper about this 
               software can be found with the programs. It could be printed 
               out with the LaserWriter Utility accompanying the apple printers,
               or the old Print PS application.

            3- Three diferent algorithms are implemented to calculate
               domains. The recommended is the described by Gunnar von Heijne in
               JMB 1992 (see the software on-line help), but it is also
               the one of Patrick Argos in JMB 1994, and the one of F.
Jahnig in 
               TIBS 1990 for amphiphilic domains.

TopPred II has been designed for Macintosh computers, using 
THINK Pascal 4.0.2. If someone is interested in making a version
compatible with other platforms, he may contact me.

TopPred II 1.2 (May 1995)

New features:

  # It has a new printed header
  # An algorithm for amphiphilic transmembrane domains has been included
    The corresponding modifications have been done in the on-line help.

Bugs fixed:

  - All the scroll bars are active when they should.
  - The "Results" window updates are correct now.
  - Deleting the excess of text in the same window is not apparent.
  - Keyboard equivalents for the Edit menu do work now.
  - My fax number has been corrected (the former was my phone number)
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