ALSCRIPT Version 2.0 - Multiple alignment formatting

Geoff Barton gjb at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Tue May 30 12:13:22 EST 1995

ALSCRIPT version 2.0 now available

ALSCRIPT is a program to box, shade, font change and colour sequence
alignments.  The program can cope with any size alignment and will
split large alignments over multiple pages.  ALSCRIPT is distributed
for Unix with full source code.  Binaries are also included for
Sun/Solaris 2.4, SunOS 1.4.3, IRIX 5.3 and DEC/OSF1/3.0.  Version
1.4.5 has been compiled successfully on many other platforms.  There
is also a version compiled for DOS, but this is not yet available for
Version 2.0.

Version 2.0 has several enhancements to the previously distributed
version (1.4.5).  These include the option to colour backgrounds
differently, ommission of identifiers on second and subsequent lines,
helix, strand and other special characters, relative numbering, error
checking of ranges on input, bounding box, screening and  conservation

For details see:


and the paper: 

Barton, G. J. (1993), "ALSCRIPT - A Tool to Format Multiple
Sequence Alignments", Prot. Eng., 6, .37-40.

(A preprint of this paper can be read on line at:
http://geoff.biop.ox.ac.uk/papers/alscript/alps2.html, or in
PostScript form at: ftp://geoff.biop.ox.ac.uk/preprints/alscript/)

If you already have a copy of ALSCRIPT you can download the new
version as before.  If you do not have a copy then please see the
instructions in the README file on our ftp server

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Geoff Barton

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