line detection in dot matrixes/images

ROLLAND Pierre-Yves Equipe de J.-G. Ganascia rolland at laforia.ibp.fr
Mon May 29 09:12:16 EST 1995


I am a researcher in Artificial Intelligence currently looking for existing computer programs (or algorithms) able to automatically detect lines or approximate-lines in matrixes; more precisely:

- in the simplest situation, I deal with numerical 2-D (classical) boolean matrixes, i.e. with elements 1 or 0, such as dot matrixes obtained from aminoacid sequence in molecular biology. The problem is to detect line segments typically 5-6 elements-long as on fig. 1 below, or discontinuous/approximate segments as on fig.2: 

oooooooooooooooo	oooooooooooooooo
ooooo1oooooooooo	oo1ooooooooooooo
o1ooooo1oooooooo	ooo1oooooooooooo
oo1oooooo1oooooo	oooo1ooooooooooo
ooo1ooooooo1oooo	oooooooooooooooo
oooo1oooooooo1oo	ooooooooo1oooooo
ooooo1ooooooooo1	oooooooooo1ooooo
oooooooooooooooo	ooooooooooo1oooo
Fig. 1			Fig.2

- in more complicated ones, I deal with *multidimensional*-, symbolic-elements- matrixes. Here also I am trying to detect alignments (pseudo-linear clusters) of elements having equal attribute values (e.g. elements all having a "color-attribute" value equal to "red" and a "shape-attribute" value equal to "triangle").

A brief literature search in the fields of either computer vision, pattern recognition and molecular biology showed that a number programs/algorithms accomplishing this type of tasks exist, but it's hard to have a clear view so as to focus on the right one(s) for my particular problem.

Anyone's help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

	Pierre-Yves ROLLAND
	LAFORIA/IBP/Universite Paris 6
	4 place Jussieu
	75005 Paris, FRANCE	

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