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Una Smith una at doliolum.biology.yale.edu
Sat May 27 21:00:45 EST 1995

mangalam at uci.edu (Harry Mangalam) writes:

>Of Special Note: Don Gilbert, 
>... Indeed, probably one of the major phrases that the support
>people for the major commercial molecular biology packages have
>come to dread is "Well, Don Gilbert does it like this for free
>- why can't you?" 


Even though I've never met Don, I sent him money to replace his
IUBIO archive harddisk when it crashed a few years ago, because
I think he's done more than anyone else to develop the biology
research community here on the Internet.

If you're looking for good stuff on the Internet, including stuff
that costs money, my absolute favorite is the DELTA data standard
and associated software packages and datasets.  The INTKEY and
other interface tools are incredible.  Thomas Lovejoy mentioned
DELTA and INTKEY as being at the forefront of world biodiversity
research efforts in his keynote speech at the 1994 meeting of the
Ecological Society of America.  The ANGIO dataset, for keying out
flowering plants to family, is an essential research tool for any
botanist.  (There are circa 250,000 species of angiosperms in
circa 300 families.)  The US repository of this exceptional tool
is muse.bio.cornell.edu.

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