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Fri May 26 14:07:41 EST 1995

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> Robert Finn (finn at netcom.com) wrote:
> : For an article in "The Scientist" I am looking for suggestions for the best
> : freeware and shareware programs of special interest to life scientists.  I'm
> : looking for everything from statistics packages to molecular modeling to
> : sequence matching, etc.  Please post here or send me e-mail describing
> : your favorite freeware and shareware, where to obtain it, and why it's so
> : great.  I'm also looking for suggestions for the best sites on the Internet
> : to obtain science-related software.
> My current fave:
> RasMol -- just simply amazing its free.  A very good bare-bones 
> 3D structure viewer, available for PCs, Macs, and UNIX boxes.
> Great for impressing visitors et al.

Molscript, I think Per is the most cited author by a factor of 20
in structural biology.


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