IMPORTANT - BIOSCI U.S. Site is moving! (sometime in June)

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at net.bio.net
Tue May 23 22:34:46 EST 1995

Over the last almost nine years, I have been employed at
IntelliGenetics, Inc., first as the manager of the BIONET National
Computer Resource for Molecular Biology (where the bionet newsgroups
and mailing lists were founded), and later as manager of the GenBank
National Nucleic Acid Sequence Databank.  During this time I have also
worked in various commercial product management roles for
IntelliGenetics as well.

BIOSCI has always been a less than 50% time task for me, but my
interests have migrated away from DNA/protein sequence analysis to
Internet service provision over the last several years.

Accordingly I have accepted a position with Knight-Ridder Information,
Inc. and am moving the BIOSCI project with me to this new site.

This change almost exclusively affects my non-BIOSCI work which will
continue to be commercial as it was at IntelliGenetics, so I avoid
mention of it here.  The BIOSCI project will continue to be operated
as before, so readers will not be impacted by this move (except for a
day or so - see below).  I will continue to seek sponsors to fund the
BIOSCI project after the government funding runs out in the middle of
next year.  Currently I am pleased to announce that we are a third of
the way to obtaining this goal for the following fiscal year.

The BIOSCI machine, net.bio.net, will continue to operate at
IntelliGenetics until a T1 line dedicated to the project is ready at
Knight-Ridder.  At that time the machine will be moved over a weekend
to our new location.  We anticipate that this will occur in
mid-to-late June, but are awaiting confirmation from the phone company
and Netcom, who will be our new Internet service provider.

All of the e-mail addresses will remain unchanged, only the IP number
for net.bio.net will change, and this should propagate around the net
in a day or two.  Your access to the service may be interrupted during
this short period.  We will announce the precise timing of the move as
soon as we know it.

Next year will be our tenth aniversary for the network.  It has been
my pleasure serving you for the last nine years, and I look forward to
continuing to do so into the next decade from my new location.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

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