Genetical software for Linux

Seyeon Weon sywon at bioneer.kaist.ac.kr
Thu May 18 10:00:56 EST 1995

Peter Van Osta (pvanosta at allserv.rug.ac.be) wrote:
: Hello,

: I am looking for Software running on Linux for sequence analysis (editing, 
: alignment, ...) and manipulation .I am also desperately looking for the 
: auxiliary software for Linkage analysis (lcp, ...) that can be compiled with 
: gcc under Linux.

: Linux compatible software for Database searching (GDB, Genbank) running under 
: XFree ?

: (I am interested in general in software for (human) genetical research running 
: under Linux and/or XFree)

	We are setting up a Pentium Linux server for biologists, too.
(With 64MB RAM, 6GB hard disk, and more than hundred user accounts,
we may call it a server...)  Here is the list of molecular biology
related softwares we've succeeded with gcc and Linux.

clustalw v1.5
fasta v2.0x
xylem v1.5
treealign v1.0
fsap 6-OCT-94
msu v1.4
mailfasta v3.2
Huang's programs (cap, lcp, gap, map)
msa v2.0
naview v1.0
pratt 16-MAR-95
primer-mit v0.5
readseq 30Dec92
dbget v1.2
sigseq v1.0
phylip 3.5c

	As you can see, we haven't succeeded with blast yet.  Has anyone?
We may need an ftp server for archiving Linux binaries and a mailing

  Seyeon Weon            E-MAIL : sywon at bioneer.kaist.ac.kr
  Dept. of Biological Sciences
  Korea Advanced Inst. of Sci. and Tech. ( KAIST )

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