Best software package for various DNA analyses?

SamiPekka Heikkinen spheikki at messi.uku.fi
Thu May 18 05:53:40 EST 1995

Hey folks!

We are interested in purchasing a software package to do various analyses on 
DNA ie. restriction site searches, primer and probe design, sequence analyses
etc. We are using PC's. What are my choises and which is the best to your

Dealers, especially Finnish and ones with local connections around here are 
wellcomed to contact me direct by e-mail (spheikki at messi.uku.fi).

Is there any programmes for said purpose available in the net and where?

If this subject has been extensively debated here recently, I'm sorry about 
the inconvenience. In that case, could you give me some direction where to 
find a FAQ or similar, please?

Many thanks in advance!
Sami Heikkinen				     tel. (+358) 71  162688 or
University of Kuopio					     162357
Internal medicine laboratory				     162017

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