modelling kinetics autoproteolysis?

erix schokker erix.schokker at zuivel.lmt.wau.nl
Wed May 17 07:46:34 EST 1995


I am doing research on the heat inactivation of proteases.
Around the denaturation temperature autodigestion=autoproteolysis occurs, probably intermolecular.
Now I want to model this inactivation numerically, using the following formulas:

native  <  - >  unfolded

native + unfolded  < -- > native/unfolded complex -- > native + inactivated enzyme

native + substrate (other protein) < -- > native enzyme substrate complex -- >  native enzyme + products
(Michaelis-Menten Enzyme kinetics)

? Does anyone know articles/research on the kinetics of autoproteolysis reactions?
? Does anyone know a program for making these simulations?
? Can I use MM kinetics for the autodigestion reaction?


Erix Schokker
Wageningen Agricultural Universty
The Netherlands
erix.schokker at zuivel.lmt.wau.nl

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