Softs that can teach microbio please!

Barbes-Morin Guillaume barbesmg at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Mon May 15 23:36:54 EST 1995


I am actually looking for software that could potentially be used in 
teaching different aspects of microbiology to undergraduated university 

I am interrested in fields as diverse as immunology, bacteriology, 
microbial genetics, molecular genetics, classification of microorganism, 
molecular biology, etc.

As the department is in a french speaking university, I would prefer 
anything in french but as it is in North-America, we can do just as good 
with english softs.

We want to explore the possibilities so that the department can 
eventually use this tool in teaching.

Any idea, suggestion, offer, shareware, freeware, commercial, ibm, 
windows, os2, mac, unix is welcome.


| Guillaume Barbes-Morin     |
| barbesmg at ere.umontreal.ca  |

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