phyllogeny-continous data comparison

Doug Eernisse DEernisse at fullerton.edu
Tue May 16 13:10:33 EST 1995

In article <9505151603.AB13704 at cdcnet>, DMIRANDA at UISCOL.UIS.EDU.CO wrote:

> Hi Netters
> I am looking for software to make contrast between continous - discrete
> data against phylogeny (with no distance) I have tried Phylip but 
> it needs distance.

You can use discrete parsimony methods if you gap-code your data. There 
is a substantial literature on gap coding, but I don't have references
handy at the moment. One problem is doing this non-arbitrarily.
Another is that most statistical methods are better at finding
peaks than they are at finding gaps. Read the MacClade manual,
pp. 302-304 for starters. MacClade is an example of a program that
also allows for treating continuous characters in their native form
(there are others as well), but MacClade would probably be better
at mapping out continuous characters on a tree you supply (i.e., the
one from your analysis of discrete data) rather than finding the best 
tree for a data set of continuous characters.

Hope this helps.

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