raswin for os/2

Tim Cutts Zoology tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Sat May 13 04:55:36 EST 1995

gertjan at biochem.iaf.nl (Gert-Jan Euverink) writes:


>Is raswin for os/2 available or did somebody try to compile raswin for os/2?
>If the port of raswin to os/2 was succesfull can you please send me the info
>how to do this.


I don't think a port has been done.  There is only one easy way to
port RasMol to OS/2; get an OS/2 X server for OS/2 TCP/IP that also
gives you the capability to create X clients in OS/2.  You should then
be able to compile it reasonably easily (especially if you use gcc for
OS/2 as the C compiler).

This is rather an expensive solution.  The alternative is to write a
Presentation Manager version.  This would mean doing what was done for
RASWIN, and would likely be very difficult (OS/2 PM and X are rather

If I were you I'd stick to using RasWin under OS/2.

There is a third option; run a small Linux system (takes about 60Mb
hard disk space for X and most things you need), and compile RasMol
for Linux.  I have done this, and it's pretty quick.  I've never tried
RasWin, but I'll do that and tell you how the speed compares between
the two operating systems.


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