Primer design software?

Stefan Unger sunger at crl.com
Fri May 12 15:51:45 EST 1995

RightPrimer provides both a local and global (i.e. compared to GenBank 
frequencies) for any number of primers, both internally generated and 
those supplied by user.  Send mailing address for further information.  I 
am a dealer.  Thanks.

BioSoftware Marketing

 Per Johansson (Per.Johansson at mikrbiol.lu.se) wrote:
: In article <mkuittin.800228747 at messi.uku.fi> mkuittin at messi.uku.fi (Marko Kuittinen) writes:
: >From: mkuittin at messi.uku.fi (Marko Kuittinen)
: >Subject: Primer design software?
: >Date: 11 May 95 21:45:47 GMT

: >Would anybody know of a primer design software (pd/sw) that allows 
: >compability estimation of two primers? To my knowledge GCG's Prime
: >or the pd -software Primer 0.5 don't have this feature.

: >mk

: You can use an input file with suggested primers for GCG's Prime and  the 
: program will then test these primers.

: m v h Per

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