Windows software - a comparison

Ron Caspi rcaspi at ucsd.edu
Tue May 9 18:20:46 EST 1995

I know that this subject pops up pretty often, but since new programs keep 
appearing every other day, I figured I might bring it up again.
We are planning on purchasing a molecular biology software package for 
Windows. I know of several programs:
VectorNTI 3.0
DNAman (saw advertisement in this group, but didn't receive any response to 
my email yet)

I have tested an early demo of GeneRunner, and a demo of VectorNTI 2.0.
I have also received information about DNASIS in the mail.

I would like to receive some responses from people who own any of these (or 
other) programs. 
So far, I was impressed by DNASIS, but the price is high, and I don't like the 
idea of a hardware key. This will make it difficult to run the program on my 
home machine if I want to do some work at home. VectorNTI seems very nice, 
but lacks many features, such as alignments, protein analysis, etc.
Please post your responses, since I assume that other people will be 
interested in this discussion.

Thanks for any input

Ron Caspi
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
La Jolla  CA  92093-0202

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