Plasmid design prg's for DOS/Windoze

Richard A Goldstein goldstei at phantom.com
Sat May 6 05:52:26 EST 1995

>In our lab we are thinking of getting a program for plasmid/vector design. It
>should read sequence files (e.g. EMBL, GENBANK or so) and we should be able to
>display it graphically. Also, we should be able to implement additional
>information, like author, size etc. It would be great if there were some choice
>of export formats. The platform is DOS/Windoze.
>I would really appreciate some suggestions and comments.
>Thanks in advance,
>			Mark.

The software described there is soon to be released, but any
suggestions, comments may be included in the first release. Check it out... and please
leave commenst and suggestions....


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