Graphics software: protein structure

Matt Parker at332 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Sat May 6 13:25:32 EST 1995

In a previous posting, stephen gough (sgough at s850.mwc.edu) writes:
> I am posting this for a friend.  He is looking for a package that will
> help him prepare graphics for overheads and on-screen display that will
> depict such things as the ribbon structures of proteins (w/ a 3-D
> illusion).  Is is anything out there that can do this sort of thing more
> aptly than, say, CorelDRAW?  More generally, is there a good drawing
> program for all types of biomolecules?

	There is a program called RasMol, which runs in windows. You can
get it by FTP from 


in the directory


	I think that the two files you need to download are "raswin.zip"
and "rasmenu.zip" (can't remember exactly).


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