Linkage mapping software needed

Andy Law Big Nose Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu May 4 06:36:07 EST 1995

In article <ldcheu-2704950009010001 at ldcheu.monsanto.com>,
ldcheu at ccmail.monsanto.com (Duncan Cheung) says:
 >We are interested in a computational molecular biologist to design and
 >implement a computer program (Mac friendly) that will allow the input of
 >Southern results from genomic DNA to determine copy number and insert
 >integrity of complicated insertion events from a transgenic event (eg.,
 >the genes were inserted into genomic DNA using plasmid DNA). 
 >The ideal system will allow for the input of the known plasmid map with
 >results.  The output (what the computer will produce) is a linkage map
 >that elucidates possible gene order and integrity (missing or rearranged
I'm pretty sure that Dave Waddington wrote some code to do this a couple
of years ago. Try doing a lit. search using Waddington and Burt as the
Andy Law

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